The Moto T – Motorola’s next Tablet

Motorola is carving its own niche in the mobile market with the help of its parent company Google. It’s shifted to using stock android, focusing on features rather than the spec race, and now undercutting the market with fantastic entry-level android devices (the Moto G). Now is the time to capture a growing market, a market that is filled with options but needs refinement. It’s time for Motorola to enter the tablet market with a new device called, The Moto T.

The Moto T should bring the value proposition of the Moto G but also offer features that you won’t see anywhere else, like the Moto X. So how does Motorola build such a device? It starts with the price.

The price of the device will dictate the features, screen quality, and competitiveness in the market. In order to make waves in the tablet Market, the Moto T should be $249, additional features and add-ons would be extra. I’ll discuss how this price will affect the specs, features, and competitiveness shortly.

The Moto T should be sized at 8.9 inches. This will distinguish itself against a smaller Nexus 7 and the larger Nexus 10. At this size and price, the screen should be 1920 X 1200, offering a 254 DPI resolution. Let’s compare this resolution to what the market is offering.

iPad Mini – 169 DPI
LG G Pad 8.3 – 273 DPI
Nexus 7 II – 323 DPI
iPad Mini retina – 326 DPI

The Moto T would offer a much higher dpi for the similarly priced original iPad mini and will still be competitive to the higher priced LG G Pad. It goes without question, the nexus 7 II is a fantastic value for the screen quality at $229. The Moto T will offer a fantastic value as well with a larger screen with a respective resolution.

This may come to a shock to most but the Moto T should offer a higher clocked quad-core SnapDragon 400 processor. Yes, most competitors are using at least a the Snapdragon 600, but Motorola is not worried about this. The Moto G has shown that stock android can run fantastic on this processor. Offering a higher clocked version of this processor will give Motorola the performance it needs and the value to get the price down and additional features in place. Unless it can get the Snapdragon 600 for a steal, the 400 is the better valued processor.

The Memory of the Moto T will be discussed in three parts. First, the Moto G should offer at least 2 GB of ram if not 3 GB. This will give the device enough memory to handle heavy multitasking which is needed in a tablet device. Second, the device should offer a 16 GB configuration. Third, the device should offer SD card access to negate the lower internal memory.

Camera’s on the outside of tablets should not exist, and the Moto T should not have a camera on the outside either. The Moto T should offer a respective camera on the front for those who would like to Skype and use Google Hangouts. By only offering one camera, Moto should save on cost and also offer a quality front camera which most tablets lack.

Moto Maker – Project Ara
As discussed in my previous article, How to Fix Moto Maker, Motorola should offer features not color options to make its niche in the market. The base model case will offer no additional features, but users should be able to upgrade the built-in case to their needs. Here are a few examples:

1. Built in Kickstand – ala Microsoft surface
2. Shock proof exterior
3. Keyboard dock with additional Battery life
4. Simple built in case with a screen protector flap.

Each case is built in, offering unique features and will vary by price point. Also, third party manufactures should be able to offer their designs in Moto Maker.

Motorola Features

How does Motorola carve its niche in the Tablet Market? It continues to differentiate from the crowd, offering features we didn’t know we needed before, a few examples below.

1. It should always be listening and should further approve the voice recognition software introduced with the Moto X.
2. The Moto T should be the first ChromeTablet/Android device. Android should be the primary operating system, but when paired with a mouse, keyboard, and/or monitor; Chrome should be available as a desktop OS.
3. The Moto T should be able to connect to your mobile phone including SMS integration, sharing internet connection, contacts, gallery etc.
4. Moto Assist and Moto Care features should be expanded. Moto Care should integrate with hangouts to offer face to face help, similar to Amazon’s Mayday.

Other Features
a. Battery life should be addressed in the Moto T and will need to exceed 15+ hours to stay competitive in the market. A slightly lower resolution screen and a very efficient processor will help to achieve this goal.
b. It should offer a built-in stylus, but with two price points. Included in the $249 price point is a stylus for capacitive use, mimicking your finger. A higher price point should offer a built-in digitizer for more accurate recognition including handwriting.
c. The speakers should be surround sound and should offer outstanding quality . The sound from the headphone jack should be amplified for better sound reproduction.
d. 4G LTE should be available to be added, this should be unlocked so any carrier can be used. This will be an additional cost during the Moto Maker process.
e. A few random features to be added include an IR blaster, dual band wifi, and anti-glare screen.
f. As most Moto devices, the Moto T should easily upgraded and should beat every other tablet to upgrade, excluding Nexus devices.

Let’s look at the market for a few devices in this category:

Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ Tablet – $229
Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 – now $249
Apple iPad Mini – $299
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 – $379
Apple iPad Mini Retina – $399
Nexus 10 – $399

Arguably, the Moto T offers the best value off all these devices. The performance and screen quality beats the original iPad Mini and Galaxy Tab. For the price, it offers a fantastic value compared to the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 and Retina iPad Mini. The only real competition is the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ Tablet with very similar specs at a $229 price point. The downsides of the Fire are receiving ads, being locked to Amazon’s marketplace, the lack of features Moto T will have offered during Moto Maker.

Conclusions are cliché, Motorola is most likely working on a tablet as we speak.  The tablet market is growing rapidly and it would be foolish if they ignore it. I only hope Motorola can bring this device to market.


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