How to Fix Moto Maker

Aside from the always listening features,  Moto Maker has been a major selling point of the Moto X.  You’ll see Motorola advertise its flagship phone in commercials and even innovative print media.  The Moto X has received fantastic reviews as well. Yet,  Moto X sales can be described as weak at best. According to the WSJ, Motorola has sold only 500,000 units. So, how does Motorola fix Moto Maker and hopefully sell more phones?

Lets look at the problem with Moto Maker. You’re able to customize a Moto X including the front color, back color, a custom signature,  and even accent color of the buttons.  Most customers will never get to see their custom front, back and accent because they are covered, by a case.

The cell phone case is a must have accessory for many smartphone users. The added protection gives peace of mind to protect an expensive investment.  So why is Motorola offering these options that most likely will be covered? It’s a first step, possibly misstep, to implementing Project Ara.

Project Ara is the next generation version of Moto Maker. It hopes to offer total customization of a users phone from the display, to the processor, battery and more. Moto Maker needs to take the next evolutionary step to Project Ara.

Moto Maker should be offering features rather than customization. The Moto X is a feature phone, it gives you active display, voice controls, great battery life, and  Moto  apps. Yet, Moto Maker offers no usable innovative features, just color options.

The next generation Moto X should offer a base model. Offer a $350 device that offers a lower cost to entry. This price point will disrupt the post paid market like the Nexus line. Next step is crucial, the front and back should have a built in case. For example, the Galaxy active offers the S4 but a case that is resistant to dust and moisture.  But Motorola should do things much differently:

1. Offer multiple types of cases

a. dust and moisture resistant

b. Shock proof

c.  Scratch hesitant

d. Ultra thin

2. Give case manufactures the ability to add their cases during the manufacturing process.

Point number two is key and is already in the works. Motorola has a program called M4De Motorola. These are cases that have been approved by Motorola. Motorola can extend this program to offer built in cases from Otterbox, Lifeproof, etc during the manufacturing process. They can charge a premium for these built in cases and still give third parties access to customize and protect phones.

This is innovation, these are features. This is how to fix Moto Maker.


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